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  "Shineso MF" is selected to serve Chinese dairy industry innovation by DSM's R&D Center
  "SHINESO - colony counter" to be the designated products purchased by CDC of *Sino-German financial cooperation*
  "SHINESO Technology" service for the food security testing of 2008 Beijing Olympics
  Cai Qi, the mayor of Hang Zhou estimated the development model of "Shineso Technology"
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SHINESO SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was founded in 2004.We are specialized in the solutions for the image and data processing in life science field.The headquarters of SHINESO is located in Hangzhou, China.We provide Automatic Colony Counter, Micro-image Analysis System...



With the technology of ColonfastTM intelligent colony recognition,it can finish the statistics requirment quickly such as automatic colony counting, colony deformation analysis,automatic segmentation of adhesion colony,automatically remove impurities and database storage,which is used widely in flat-panel,coated tablet,membrane filter plate,and 3M paper etc..



The technology of "static and dynamic parallel observing " with the functions of image observations, measurements, editing, analysis and cell statistics etc., which is used widely in the fields of microcell image analysis, industrial microstructure analysis, detection of dust particles, materials microstructure observation etc..

The American NCCLS whole data of the 14th edition of "Anti-microbial drug sensitivity testing implementation standards" was builted in all the diameter of inhibition zone? of automatic measurement plate,meanwhile, providing the platform for data amendment and inputing.And it also provides a quick tool for paper method sensitivity analysis.
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